The Scene Releases is now an invite only site. If you are lucky you might have a friend who wants to invite you!
We just want to see how many cheaters will start respecting their accounts after they realize they can’t just come back in and get another one.
If you want an invite and you know someone who has one, its up to you to contact them to give you an invite we do not relay messages to users.

Want an invite, but you're too lazy to go search for someone with a heart of gold to send you one?
Donate $5 to You Are The Scene (proceeds go towards our server bill), and we'll send you an invite!

Just image of all the great music you'll get out of that $5 right at your finger tips...
Think of all the endless music you'll be getting. It's so much better than lets say the kings crown from Burger King...

Don't I give you that warm happy fuzzy feeling in your tummy?!
Knowing that your just a few clicks away from the endless music!

Include the email you wish to have invited in the "instructions to seller" portion of Paypal.
If no email is included, we will invite the email used to make the donation.

We are not responsible if your invite is lost in your spam, or junk folder and you miss it. You have 5 days to sign up, after the 5 days, your invite becomes inactive and will not work.
We are responisble for you having the best time of your lives :-) <3
Any concerns or problems with this should be sent here.

Make sure you have a gmail, yahoo, icloud email account. Those services actually recieve your username, and password, unlike msn, and hotmail. There's a few other services that work, and don't work. I"m tring to find out which ones. Also, PLEASE PLEASE, leave a not so I know it's for an invite, and not to help the website out. Thanks.